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Delex Plumbing provides plumbing rough-in for basement and remodeling in both residential and commercial settings.

Basement Plumbing Services

Rough-in plumbing is the stage when water supply and drain pipes are installed in a home or building. The term is also associated to parts of your home that were fitted for future plumbing uses such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or second kitchens. This is very commonly done in unfinished basements.

In homes that are already built, plumbing services for laundry or bathrooms may be roughed-in for future use. When the time comes for you to renovate and add in the bathroom, a big part of the job is already done.

During sewer backup the backwater valve prevents sewage water to run back into your home via the drain pipes installed. Under normal circumstances the water flows away from you house, but in some situation water can be forced back into your home. The most common backwater places of entry into your property may be through basement floor drains, water closets, sinks and this is when the backwater valve comes in.

We have been installing backwater valves for our clients for many years and if you need one installed or just have a question just call give us a call at 416-910-2550.

We offer a free camera inspection with every drain project, so you can rest assured you have 100% proper diagnostic of your plumbing problem. From detection, installation or repair our plumbers can handle everything. We are licensed plumbers and we get the job done right the first time.

Are you building a new basement bathroom in your Calgary home?

The next step after you have the basic framework in place is to install the electrical, drain lines for the sink, shower/bathtub and toilet; and develop adequate ventilation for the area.

Basement rough-in services also include the installation of lighting fixtures and accessories.

Complications can and do occur with electrical, waste water, and the ventilation if you don’t get the right people in.

Delex Plumbing & Drains are experienced and have been helping make home improvements for almost two decades.

The addition of a basement bathroom is usually a great idea that adds both functionality and value to your home. After initial consultation, we will provide a quote and help you arrange a convenient time for the work to be done.

If you have ever considered installing or replacing a hot water tank for your home or commercial or industrial business, you probably know that the choices can seem overwhelming. From small hot water tanks to large, from gas to electric, hot water tanks come in a variety of sizes and styles. Delex’s Plumbing specializes in hot water tank installation and we know hot water tanks inside and out! Our hot water tanks are produced by the plumbing, heating, and ventilation industry’s most trusted manufacturers, and have proven to be reliable time and time again. Our hot water tank installation experts will assist you in choosing a hot water tank that will best suit the needs of your area household, or industrial or commercial company!

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